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Sharon McGettigan

Behind Sharon McGettigan’s yoga instruction are some specific intentions.  Sharon intends to teach her students the poses (asanas) - how to execute them, their names- in a way so the student truly knows the asana.  She defines a skillful yoga practitioner not by the nature of the poses they are able to do but by their ability to listen to their body in any pose and respond to their body’s needs in an appropriate way.  This involves being mindful and present as they practice with knowledge of what they are doing.  She offers both asana practice and pranayama (breath) practices drawn from her 30+ years of yoga practice coupled with the knowledge she owns from her many certifications.

LEVEL 1 (new to yoga)

Level 1 (new to yoga)” is a foundational practice intended for someone who has little or no yoga experience.  This class covers some basic yoga poses (asanas), building each week on these asanas and their alignments and execution.  Students will learn to create balance, flexibility, strength and stamina.  Time will also be spent each week with learning about the breath and breath practices (pranayama).  Learning to relax will also be covered.  The class takes place both on the floor and standing.  Students must be able to get down onto the floor and back up again; please note the practice will help improve the ability to get up and down from the floor.

Because this class builds weekly on yoga foundations it is recommended that students attend all the classes.  

LEVEL 2 (basic practice)

“Level 2” is intended for those who have basic yoga experience and are looking for an average practice covering balance, flexibility, strength and stamina plus breath practices.  Students learn the alignment/execution points of each asana plus gain the ability to come accurately into any particular asana simply guided by the name only.  Each class focuses on the four necessary components of a balanced practice:  strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance.

LEVEL 1 & 2 combined

This is a multi-level experience class for those new to yoga to those who have a basic practice.  It includes practices for balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina plus breath practices.  This class is tailored to meet the experience needs of those currently enrolled in the class.  


Everything in this world has yin and has yang including our yoga practice.  Our world today is very yang in that life is fast, moving, hot, has little peace and a lot of just not enough time.  Most styles of yoga are 'yang' - about movement, muscles, and sometimes hot.  Yin Yoga is about finding balance in our lives and in our yoga practice.

Dubbed the 'quiet practice' by one of the founders of the practice Paul Grilley, this practice is about quiet, introspection, and the meridian/energy body and its tissues - the connective tissues and fascia.  During the three to five minutes the shapes are held while in a state of muscular release while engaging in different types of Pranayama (breath).  While here, we have the opportunity to get in touch mindfully and passively and observe all the aspects of our being not just the physical.  We may experience edges around the experience with the possibility of not only improving the health of the meridian body and its tissues, but the release and transformation of what we hold in our bodies.

This one and a half hour class includes Yin Yoga asanas, pranayama practices, mindfulness, on occasion some complementary Taoist Yang sequences, and finishes with a short iRest practice.  Some poses may require props such as bolsters (the center has a limited quantity on hand), and we recommend you bring a blanket and eye covering for the final relaxation.  While no previous yoga experience is necessary, it is preferred that you have taken yoga before so as to have developed the ability to listen to and respond to your body.  As Yin Yoga is not a stand alone practice, we recommend that you have both a Yang and Yin yoga practice to maintain balanced in your practice and body.


This one hour class will help students to use all their joints, strengthen and stretch their muscles, and improve their overall strength and stamina.  Practices will include focusing on the breath and finish with relaxation.  The practice can be done sitting in a chair or on the floor or a combination of the chair and floor work.

This class will run twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Students have the option of signing for one day a week or coming to both.  No previous yoga experience is necessary, this class is for all levels of experience.


These after school classes are the perfect way to end your child’s school week.  Activities that use the child’s imagination include a variety of fun yoga poses and games done alone or as a group; and practices to develop balance, strength, and stamina.  Children will learn to work with their breath, and engage in activities to calm and relax them.  The 3:30 pm class intended for 4 to 7 year old kids is 30 minutes long and designed to meet their needs and attention spans followed by a 45 minute practice at 4:15 pm for 8 to 12 year olds.  Your child will need a yoga mat (we sell mats).

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