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About Sharon:  

Sharon McGettigan has a deep interest in holistic health that includes yoga.  She has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years.  She first found yoga at 18 while watching Kareen Zebroff's yoga TV show.  Almost 10 years later she went on to taking her first class and from there developing a home yoga practice.  In 2006, she completed the first of many yoga teaching certifications that include:


-2005 Prenatal yoga teaching training with Janice Clarfield

-2006 Full teacher certification from Yoga For Today (YFT) an international school of yoga teacher training

-2007 Advanced Hatha Instruction from YFT

-2008 Initial certification with the Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA) (teachers need to be re-certified every 3 years with 150 hours of teaching time and 50 hours of education time necessary for re-certification)

-2006 Vertebral Column and Asana with Judith Lasater (co-founder of Yoga Journal magazine and international teacher/author)

-2008 Therapeutic Applications of Yoga with Judith Lasater

-2010 Lower Back and Sacroiliac Joint with Judith Lasater

-2013 Lumbro-Sacral Spine with Judith Lasater

-2010 Integrative Restoration (iRest) Level 1 with Richard Miller

-2010 Yin Yoga teacher training with Marla Erickson (module 1)

-2010 Yin Yoga teacher training part 2 with Marla Erickson (module 1)

-2014 intermediate Level Teacher certification (600+ hours) with the Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA)

-2014 Certified Sound Coach (VAHS)

-2014 VAHS Licensed Spiritual Healer

-2015 Yin Yoga teacher training with Marla Erickson (module 2)

-2015 RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certification

-2017 Completion of 100 hour Yin Yoga Certification with Marla Erickson

-2019 Certification of Tensegrity Repair Series Level 1


It became clear to Sharon as she took her initial teacher training that safety was a big issue.  Influenced by the prop use and alignment of Iyengar yoga, Sharon strives to help the student find their version of the pose in their body with their own particular body issues.  She teaches traditional Hatha yoga' with a focus on the breath, alignment, safety, and modifications.  She calls Judith Lasater a great influence on her teaching.  Sharon wishes to thank Gerda Krebs for her support, encouragement, and mentorship.  Sharon wishes to also thank Lidija Martinovic-Rekert for her wealth of teaching, knowledge, and for her friendship.


She offers weekly classes and is available for custom weekend retreats, classes and workshops.  One on one instruction is available; please contact Sharon to learn more.


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