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Another tool from our mission statement is our on-site lending library.  There are many books on a variety of topics in the health and wellness realm, for your mind, body and spirit.  Books may be borrowed for 4 weeks with renewal possible for longer terms.  The book loan is recorded in our records.  A deposit of $20 is held while the book is out and will be returned once the books is returned or when patron decides that they will not be borrowing any more books.


We also have a number of audio/visual materials in the library.  At this time, use of these materials is limited to on-site use only.  We have rooms available for the use of these materials and equipment on hand.  There is a cost to rent the rooms with the equipment.  For more information on the room rental for personal use goto the ‘room to rent - personal' section of this web site. 

To book a room/equipment Contact Us

Library hours:


At this time the library is open Tuesdays at 6:30pm prior to our Food for Thought Video Night. 


The library is also open prior to and following any class or session that Sharon is offering.  Check the schedule to see when Sharon is offering classes/sessions.


Schedule info for Sharon's classes:














It’s not a juice, not a vitamin, not an antioxidant.  ASEA is the only product with redox signalling molecules in a bottle.  Without Redox Signalling molecules your body doesn’t function.  If you are interested in Ant-Aging, Athletics or living a more health life then find out about this product.  ASEA may be the single most significant health breakthrough of the twenty-first century. 







How well your body replicates cells depends very much on the ingredients it has to do the job with. But even more important is how the ingredients are being carried into the cells. Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ has the correct geometry to penetrate the membranes of the cells and deliver the ingredients.


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