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Two of the tools that help us meet our mission statement is the availability of products for purchase and the services that have been made available at the centre.


As we add to our list of products available for purchase at the centre, we will update this section of our website.  The same is true for the services provided at the centre, other than the complementary practitioners themselves.  Updates of services will be posted as they become available.  

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It’s not a juice, not a vitamin, not an antioxidant.  ASEA is the only product with redox signalling molecules in a bottle.  Without Redox Signalling molecules your body doesn’t function.  If you are interested in Ant-Aging, Athletics or living a more health life then find out about this product.  ASEA may be the single most significant health breakthrough of the twenty-first century.  








How well your body replicates cells depends very much on the ingredients it has to do the job with. But even more important is how the ingredients are being carried into the cells. Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ has the correct geometry to penetrate the membranes of the cells and deliver the ingredients.

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