In House Complementary Practitioners:


General info on  complementary practitioners:


Still another mission statement tool is the people who provide services such as life coaching, body-work, consultations and education to name a few.  It is my intention to provide clients the opportunity to find and utilize such services alongside with the classes, workshops, products, and other services we provide all under one roof.


At the right is a directory of who is working out of our centre at this time and we hope as we continue to grow and expand to provide a growing array of people and services to choose from.


  Sharon McGettigan




In House Complementary Practitioners 


When your mind dares to dream it and your heart is guided to truly believe it then the combining energy will achieve it.

Life Coaches work with clients who want a detached partner to help then evolve and enhance their lives.  Life Coaches see their clients’ brilliance, strengths, and areas that are in need of improvement.  They support their clients as they achieve a certain desired outcome.  Become successful at achieving your personal goals.

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Kaleidoscope Commodity Investment Training Inc. 

Take charge of your future by investing in yourself.  No one cares more about making you money than you do.  Let KCIT show you how to become a Commodity Investor to find freedom and independence.  KCIT makes use of 5 simple tools that make trading easy and quick.



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