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Chakras and Higher Self:

One Day Workshop

with The Sandini (Sandra Pelley)

co-hosted with Sharon Anne McGettigan


Learn to Balance your Chakras in Two Different Ways.  These are two simple, basic exercises that show you how to feel more centered and grounded.

Learn Your YES / NO signals instead of wondering ' Should I, Shouldn't I'.

Sandra will walk you through your 8 main chakras individually, learning through your Higher Self.  This is often eye-opening and can give new clues on how to make positive changes in your life.

SUPER POWER - This is the icing on the cake!  With the work done on the Chakras with the previous exercises, this brings it all together.  Sandra will teach you how to LIVE IN THE ENERGY.  Your Super Power will literally enable you to make positive changes in each and every part of your life.

Certified Yoga Instructor Sharon Anne McGettigan will round out the experience beginning the day with a Hatha Yoga practice around experiencing the Chakras, and end the day with a Yin Yoga practice to dive deeper into your Chakras and release what you hold and open these energy centers.




(please bring a lunch and water and come prepared to practice yoga

with a mat and any props you like to use)


INVESTMENT: $200  must pre-register and pre-pay

Limited space maximum 12 participants


About The Sandini - Sandra Pelley

Sandra is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, working with people who are ready to make positive changes in their world. She teaches as she is learning. She responds to the need of each soul. She teaches from the Heart and from experience.

For her entire life she has wanted to help people. When she was a young girl she would carry home injured kids on the block she grew up on. As an adult Sandra has volunteered and helped fundraise for many worthwhile causes. In the early 2000's she suffered a life changing injury, that took 10 years to truly recover from. During this time, Sandra was directed towards a non-traditional way to begin healing and her journey began. She has taken part of many different modalities training.

Internationally known throughout North America, as well as Cuba, Mexico and Australia, Sandra has the unique skill of reading people and animals Higher Self Using this talent, humans and pets ( like cats, dogs and horses) have found help releasing fears, past and present, that manifest as Dis Ease in the body.

She facilitates true healing on four levels, PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). This leads the individual on a path towards a healthier life. Sandra also provides mentorship and teaches from experience.

Thru a variety of extraordinary sessions, Sandra can help you discover past lives, power animal totems, and guides for different parts of your life. She can help bring closure and healing with the loss of a loved one. These are just a few examples. Every session is unique to each soul and amazing things can transpire with so many possibilities.

In 2016, Sandra once again had a large shift in consciousness. Because of this, she chose to open her heart to all the possibilities, to be all that she can be as a facilitator and teacher. Listening to the words of Marilyn Alauria and Dee Wallace has shown her there are no limitations.

Sandra teaches how to let go of our expectations, about Accepting, Trusting and Believing. She walks you through how to ground your self, balance your chakras, talk with your Higher Self and embrace the little you. She has studied Shamanism and is a shamanic practitioner as well. Her ability to draw out what is needed, leads to a new path of possibilities for each animal and person she works with.


About Sharon:  

Sharon Anne McGettigan has a deep interest in holistic health that includes yoga.  She has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years.  She first found yoga at 18 while watching Kareen ZebroffÙs yoga TV show.  Almost 10 years later she went on to taking her first class and from there developing a home yoga practice.

In 2006, she completed the first of many  teaching certifications that include 100+ hours training with Judith Lasater, Level 1 practitioner Integrative Restoration (iRest), 100 hour Certification Yin Yoga.  She is an Intermediate Level Yoga Instructor of the Yoga Association of Alberta, RYT-200 working on RYT-500 Yoga Alliance and also a Certified Sound Coach (VAHS) and VAHS Licensed Spiritual Healer.  

She believes that everything is connected, that yoga is about our whole person not just the body including the mind, and spirit, and that good health comes from a healthy lifestyle that doesn't come at the expense of our home the Earth, nor any of Earth's inhabitants.  She strives to create a healthy, sustainable, socially just world for all.  Her mission statement is to facilitate healing and the raising of consciousness through Love.

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