Few Words About Us

Mother Earth’s Medicine Chest is owned and operated by Sharon McGettigan.  Many years ago the seed idea of a health and wellness sangha or community was planted in Sharon's mind.  It is intended to house this community in a building that is one with the Earth itself, and that cares for our environment.  The mission statement for this sangha is ‘To provide the tools for total health-mind, body and spirit.”


This journey began with Sharon completing her first yoga Teacher’s certification in 2006.  In January 2011 the first incarnation of this sangha was born.


Sharon dreamed of a sangha that included under one roof such items as the place to offer classes such as yoga, tai chi or qui gong, a place to offer workshops and gatherings, spaces for different complementary health practitioners to offer their services, and a place to purchase items to compliment these health and wellness activities and services.  The potential for so much more is here also.


This first incarnation is offering classes such as yoga, hosting workshops, and hosting our Food for Thought Video Night.  We have currently 3 complementary practitioners working out our space.  There is also our lending library on site.  We are caring for the environment on a small scale now with the final incarnation yet to come.


As we continue to grow and expand we hope to offer more and more tools for your mind, body and spirit.





What We Do


-yoga classes (Sharon's classes)



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